Reference Number: INTAS-BELARUS-97-2028
INTAS logo Intelligent Neural System for Autonomous Control of a Mobile Robot
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Project Co-ordinator Dr. Klaus Schilling
Principal Investigator Dr. Vladimir Golovko

The German Team

Established: Fachhochschule Ravensburg/Weingarten,
Department of the Computer Science,
IAF Group on Autonomous Robot Systems
Team Leader: Dr. Klaus Schilling

The Brest Belarusian Team

Established: Brest Polytechnic Intitute
Depatment of Computers
The Laboratory of Artificial Neural Networks
Team Leader: Dr. Vladimir Golovko

The Spain Team

Established: Universidad Politecnica Valencia,
Department of Systems Engineering, Computers and Control,
Team Leader: Dr. Pedro Albertos

The Minsk Belarusian Team

Established: Institute of Engineering Cybernetics
National Academy of Sciences,
Laboratory of System Identification
Team Leader: Dr. Rauf Sadykhow

Designed by Andrey Dunets
The Laboratory of Artificial Neural Networks
Brest State Technical University, Belarus