Reference Number: INTAS-BELARUS-97-2028
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Expected Results

The following results are supposed to be achieved:

  • Research of various concepts of autonomous control by the transport robot
  • Development and research of intelligent neural system for autonomous control of the transport robot.
  • Realization of experiments and practical use of neural systems for control of transport robots.

In general, the neural system should solve the following problems:

  • Orientation and reaching the target by the robot during movement in unfamiliar distinct.
  • Formation of a distinct map during movement to the target in unfamiliar distinct.
  • Planning an optimum route of a movement
  • Supervised training
  • Unsupervised training for self-organisation during a movement of the robot and correction of old values.
  • Capability for real time actions

Result of the project should be a software, which experimentally will be checked up on the mobile robot. The software is based on the theory of neural networks and has the ability of training. It can be adapted for autonomous control of a car. It might be of benefit for the machine building and motorcar industry. Besides, the technologies, which will be developed in the project, can be used for evolution of computer engineering (development of neurocomputers).

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The Laboratory of Artificial Neural Networks
Brest State Technical University, Belarus